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Business Advice & Services
Throughout the year, your contact partner is available to give you business advice. If any changes in legislation may affect you, we will always bring this to your attention. With regard to business services, we can help in all aspects of setting up and running your business. Our friendly and experienced staff are available at all times to answer your queries and provide advice on your accounting, taxation, training, VAT and general business matters, including your computer problems or aspirations.

Simmers & Co provides a complete range of business services and these are summarised below.

Audit and Accountancy

Simmers provide a full range of auditing
and accounting services. We have extensive experience in preparing accounts for all types of businesses and charities. Our audit department has a reputation for integrity and professional competence of which we are proud and committed to maintain.

Taxation Services

We believe that tax issues must be considered in the context of both the taxpayer's long-term aims and the issues facing them now and in the foreseeable future.
Let us help with tax compliance, business and company tax,
value added tax, partnership and personal tax, business disposals and restructuring, inheritance tax planning and trusts, tax disputes and investigations.

Other Services

We can offer you the services of our bureau staff if you would like your payroll , VAT and accounting services done for you. This could release your own time, or that of your staff, for much more profitable activities.

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