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Simmers & Co feel sure you will benefit from our positive, no-nonsense approach to Information Technology. Let us help by taking the mystery out of computers.

Whether you are:

  • Buying your first computer.

  • Upgrading your present system.

  • Experiencing problems with your existing programmes.

  • Looking for advice on new programmes.

  • Needing to expand into networks or upgrade or extend your present network.

Simmers & Co can help by:

  • Ensuring that there is a smooth transition of manual systems to fully computerised records.

  • Providing training to ensure that your staff understand and can operate your new system.

  • Reviewing your present systems to ensure that they are  adequate and suitable for your present business needs.

  • Assisting in upgrading or expanding your system.

  • Ensuring your accounting system is performing efficiently and that you are entering and controlling information correctly.

We are members of the  Sage™ Accountants Club.

Let us assist you with understanding and operating your existing programmes, or help you get started. Our trainers can visit your own premises to set up your systems and instruct your staff.

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